Case Study Questions – Centaur Media

Case Study Questions – Centaur Media

Contact: Simon Lodge – Recruitment Director

The Story: Centaur were looking to a solution to help to address the time wasted trying to find companies posting roles in a number of online publications and job boards. Centaur also wanted to add additional niche sources to the Innovantage database to ensure every role in their market was captured. Innovantage suggested their market leading lead generation tool Insight.


How did Innovantage help: Providing access to the Insight platform meant that the most up to data leads were delivered directly to a named user. It also meant that Centaur could be sure that every new role posted was captured immediately. The added sources allowed them to also track key customers and competitors.  The client was also keen to be able to have reporting on key performance metrics and so Innovantage provided a management dashboard to provide a breakdown of how it’s teams were using the system.


What was Client experience with Innovantage: The whole process was made easy from the initial sales meeting to the roll out and training. Innovantage kept us up to date with regular communication as to delivery dates and how we could access different training material. We were introduced to key members of the team at the appropriate times including the project manager responsible for our roll out and our ongoing account manager, we felt it was a seemless process.


The data delivered is the most real-time we have ever used and is consistently delivered to our users. Centaur was able to utilize Innovantage’s data reach as well as add out own URLs which meant a real flexibility.


Centaur has gained a real partnership with Innovantage where both parties have gained from a mutually beneficial professional relationship.