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Use our supply module to the analytics surrounding the real-time demand and supply that you need. 



Understand the employment market

Innovantage has the most complete job vacancies collection in the UK with over 60 million adverts collected per year aligned to ONS data. This allows Innovantage to give the full picture about the market labour demand and placement opportunity.



Make essential strategic decisions

Look at where to position yourselves, what markets to address and what talent to source and place to maximise revenue.



Independently sourced intelligence

Supply liquidity and competitive intensity are important indicators of competitive activities. Alternate locations for supply will give an edge for recruiters for looking for talent.

Workforce Analytics compares ONS employment data with real-time demand data to provide an holistic overview of the ‘users’ defined market. The harmonization of both datasets allows Hiring Managers and Recruiters to analyze the opportunities, needs and wants of the market, whilst giving an indicative view of the success of application for any job role.

The module which splits the labour market into geographies, genders and industries will also support the recruiter in advising employers and jobseekers alike in what hard/soft skills should be sought after or learnt.

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