Case Study Questions – Monster Worldwide

Date: May 2017

The Story: Innovantage has been a partner to Monster Worldwide for many years supplying business information to front end sales staff. This information allows their sales staff to have the most up to date data on companies posting trends and habits. Monster were now looking for a feed of jobs in real time to increase their offering to their customers. This data needed to be from a very specific set of sources as including niche job boards and direct URL’s.

How did Innovantage help: Innovantage designed the requirements brief with Monster to provide a truly bespoke solution. Using a defined list of sources Innovantage have been able to provide an ever increasing set of jobs to Monster that have allowed them to increase their job offering to their prospective candidates. This allowed monster to effectively budget for the content on their website and guarantee the quality of the data. Innovantage are constantly adding to the data set and so the data only becomes richer with no extra cost to Monster.

What was Client experience with Innovantage: We have worked with Innovantage for a number of years and have a very strong and open relationship. We have a constant dialogue about their roadmap and what their latest offering is. The process of adding the data feed was simple and yet thorough enough to give us confidence of the delivery. Our account manager Tom is always on hand to ask questions or advise on best practice which we use to great effect with our new starters who all get inductions training on the system.

For us Innovantage are forward thinkers and as a business that is who we want to align ourselves with. A company that is constantly innovating is always looking to improve and Innovantage is definitely innovative. Whether it is their technology user days or their industry white papers it is refreshing to see a company that is always genuinely putting the customer at the heart of what they do buy preparing them  for the future.