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Provides real-time sales leads for recruiters so that you can drive sales faster and better.


Provides real-time and historical market intelligence for talent markets, enabling you to monitor historical, current and predicted trends.


Based on 60 million salary points, our salary checker covers every job in any location, revealing the most up to date information.


Insight is the new lead generation software from Innovantage.
  • Access to over 250+ Job Boards
  • 200,000 company URL’s
  • Easy to use search platform
  • Real Time data
  • Set up batch alerts
  • Unlimited downloads of data
  • View jobs posted on LinkedIn

Our lead generation system uses information obtained from data acquiring robots in order to deliver up to the minute job postings from over 250 job boards and unlimited company websites.There is no better way of finding relevant job vacancies in the UK, enabling you to save time, money and increase the number of placements you make each month.

Insight is changing the way recruiters view the number of placements they should be making each month – pushing their numbers to new limits.

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Salary Checker brings transparency to remuneration in the UK. Designed as an outsourced service which can fully integrated and branded on a publisher’s website, Salary Checker is based on 60 million salary points, covering every job in any location, revealing the most up to date information.

The tool is ready to be embedded directly on your website and can be used for either data purposes or to drive business by seeing what jobs and salaries your potential candidates are interested in!

Data is sourced each month from the UK’s leading job boards. Searches can easily be configured by the user – including job title, skill and location.