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Recruitment data platform

The reporting platform, designed to utilise the data we have from millions of jobs posted online. Access up to 13 different reports. Find out things such as average salary over a certain period for a specific job title to how many adverts for a specific role have your competitors posted.




You can easily customise your reports using our online platform, ensuring you get the exact information you need. There are lots of layers, allowing you to drill down to specific content. Through our reports you can stay informed, knowledgeable and in control.




If you want to stay regularly updated on certain areas you can easily set the software to run reports for you. These will be delivered straight in to your inbox for you to browse or pass on to colleagues.




We have the most comprehensive data on the market, with millions of records making up our data set. This is data you can trust and rely on.

What can you track using Discovery?

Key Features

Recruiter Activity

Find out which recruiters are posting the most and on what platforms.

Missed Advertisers

Shows all advertisers who have been advertising roles on job boards other than yourselves.

Salary Analysis

Displays the average salary for broad categories of jobs or specific job titles.

Customer Penetration

Shows all advertisers who have been advertising with yourselves and elsewhere.

Market Share

Shows how many postings have been placed on which job boards and compare them against one another to display their portion of a market built and defined by the user.

Top Salary Analysis

Top Salary analysis works in the same way as Salary Analysis but uses the top bracket of advertised salaries.

Market Opportunity

Shows how many vacancies are being advertised for a user built market and allowing you to monitor how much of this market is already your own and how much opportunity there is to expand in this market.

Hiring Demand

Displays the current demand for broad categories of jobs or specific job titles.

Strategic Accounts

Allows to you monitor the activity of specific direct advertisers over the past 7/30/90/365 days.

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