Case Study Questions – New Scientist Contact: Mike Black, Key Account Manager Date: Aug 2018

Case Study Questions – New Scientist

Contact: Mike Black, Key Account Manager

Date: Aug 2018


     The Story: New Scientist management wanted to increase sales, implement sales team reporting and establish individual KPI performance metrics by offering qualified and targeted opportunities to the tele sales team. This was expected to deliver increased operational efficiency, saving the need to search for demand (jobs) and therefore enable core call times to be established within an optimum calling period. These qualified leads then established the criteria for (i) KPI metrics on leads, (ii) calls completed, (iii) meetings booked, (iv) quotes and (v) sales closed.


How did Innovantage help: Innovantage delivered a qualified trial of the Insight solution. By configuring the system to deliver leads of relevance based on the individuals area of expertise and using the Innovantage Taxonomy (a unique Digital classification of all roles) the system was able to produce in batch and real time alerts on demand that was uniquely aligned to the individuals area of specialization including role, title and skills. Minor configuration was required to align the system to the roles/titles defined by New Scientist and this was accommodated quickly so that no change was necessary by the user in their use of terminology, ensuring quick and easy adoption.


What was Client experience with Innovantage: The framework for the trial was established for a specified group of test users with daily reporting on usage, performance, time saving and sales quotes/closure. With Innovantage account support, any ‘system tuning’ was quickly implemented allowing the user to focus on maximizing business opportunity. The ongoing relationship ensured that all feedback was reported and results measured in a side by side comparison with the trial ‘v’ non-trial users. This was later extended to capture additional unplanned operational efficiencies (time savings) and improved data (accuracy)


Mike Black, Key Account Manager, New Scientist said “Once set up was completed, the system had an immediate impact on current business process. Using Insight, leads were made available to the nominated users (our control test audience) and side by side comparison with non-Insight users immediately identified a recovery of a number of hours per day per person. This recovered time enabled core call timing to be introduced via reduced search/preparation time (improved efficiency), and with greater contact accuracy. Overall this delivered:

  1. c20% increase in outbound calls completed
  2. c10% increase in time spent on calls with qualified opportunities
  3. Increased quote’s issued and sale conversion

This approach quickly proved the value of Insight. Increasing sales performance is key, but as importantly being able to deliver quality solutions to our staff is an essential component in maintaining staff motivation and management reporting. Our traditional methods worked (they always have) but our new approach will help to support our business growth and the reporting of performance, based on actual market data to the board and therefore supporting us with informed decision making”.


Footnote: Innovantage is the UK’s leading provider of Labour Market Analytics data and real-time lead generation for recruiters. We deliver recruiter sales opportunity and empower organisations to make intelligent global recruiting decisions through the provisioning of Labour Market Analytics data and real-time lead generation. ROI is achieved via increased sales and improved market intelligence to quickly and accurately support business decisions.