Case Study Questions – Hiup App using data from Innovantage

Case Study Questions – Hiup App
Contact: Khalid – Operations Manager

The Story: Hiup were looking to build an app that would allow those in blue collar industries to easily find work and have access to training. This App would be a one stop shop for workers to find work and training. It was crucial for the success of the app to have the most up to date data available. Hiup also wanted an option of overseas data as and when they needed it.

How did Innovantage help: Innovantage were able to offer a feed of jobs that delivered the most up to date job postings in the market. This feed powered the Hiup App which then attracted both candidates and recruiters. Innovantage were able to parse the data to provide only jobs that feature in the blue-collar work space. Hiup were also able to option overseas data and currently take data for three other countries and are looking at their fourth.

What was Client experience with Innovantage: From the very outset Innovantage were professional to deal with and the sales process was more like a conversation than being sold to. At every step, it felt as if they had Hiup’s best interests at heart. The design and agreed format was a collaborative approach with Innovantage using it’s many years’ experience to guide us through the pitfalls of taking a data feed over jobs. As a young company Hiup was able to use Innovantage as a sounding board.

The roll out was easy and delivered as promised on time and accurate and our project manager kept us up to date with every step of the process.